What is Vulkollan®?

Vulkollan® is a commonly known polyurethane elastomer with advanced performance characteristics. Vulkollan® is made of a polyester polyol, naphthalene-1,5 diisocyanate (Desmodur® 15) and special chain extenders. Raw chemical agents used in the composition of Vulkollan® are subjected to tight specifications and stringent quality inspections aiming at manufacturing high-quality elastomers.

Key Features of Vulkollan®

Vulkollan® engineering elastomers show exceptional features suitable for a wide range of applications. - Excellent resistance to mechanical wear - High impact flexibility even at tough conditions - Good resistance against tear - Low permanent deformation rates - Better resistance against mineral oils, grease, gasoline and various solvents. - Resistance to ozone, UV and high energetic radiation

hree Different Methods to Manufacture Vulkollan®

Vulkollan® can be used in three major forms: - Vulkollan® composed with glycol-based ligaments - Vulkollan® composed with water-based ligaments - Porous Vulkollan® Vulkollan® offers customized solutions for specific applications. This is a technological advantage offerind major economic benefits.

Vulkollan® Composed With Glycol-Based Ligaments

Of the three forms listed above, the solid, glycol-based cross-linked form is the most common. In the hot-cast Vulkollan® system, hardness can be set within a range of 65 shore A - 78 shore D by varying the ratio of raw materials added to the reaction mixture.

Vulkollan® Composed With Water-Based Ligaments

Key characteristics of water-based cross-linked Vulkollan® is its high springing flexibility, exceptional wear resistance, very low permanent deformation and high thermal strength. This Vulkollan® type is appropriate for manufacturing thin particles with a shore A hardness of nearly 72.

Porous Vulkollan®

Porous Vulkollan® (a water-foamed polyurethane) has superior dynamical characteristics. Contrary to conventional PU foams, it is manufactured with considerably high densities. (300 - 800 kg/m3) Porous Vulkollan® has a high dynamical loading capacity. At high deformation, permanence is very poor in transverse elongation and deformation. Porous Vulkollan® can only be manufactured mechanically.

Fields of Application

Thanks to its exceptional features, Vulkollan® is already adopted in many technical fields. Vulkollan® is the ideal solution to manufacturing spare parts for many technical fields where very high wear strength and high mechanical loading is demanded. - Wheel and roller coating - Vibration and impact absorbers - Protection against wear and noise - Drive and clutch members - Sealants

Fields of Use

Forklift Wheels
Textile Rollers
Die Springs
Printing Rollers
Couplings Suspension Members
Sulzer Brake Components