As elastic coatings on wheels are exposed to excessive stress, they should have high dynamical properties. Since the vehicle is typically steered during its drive, the use of highly resistant materials showing no permanent deformation is required. High surface pressure and rough grounds are problematic for wheel coatings. Vulkollan® wheel coatings offer the most against such operating conditions. High mechanical power, a significantly low wear, extremely low permanent deformation rates and other unique properties make Vulkollan® being the ideal choice for heavy-duty wheels.

High dynamical loads driven by high deformation at low speed or low deformation at high speed cause heat in the elastic coating, which deteriorates the load bearing capability. Thanks to its special damping effect, Vulkollan® elastomers assure a low level of heat formation. It They induce some effects in the mechanical properties of heat, and this in turn yields a significant dynamic load bearing capability.

Staying in a fixed position for a long time may cause flattening in the wheel surface which impairs the rolling movement of the wheel. Vulkollan® wheel coatings have a very low permanent deformation rate which assures perfect functioning of Vulkollan® wheels even at long-time idle conditions. Thanks to its excellent dynamical load bearing capability and a superior specification profile, Vulkollan® wheel coatings show a brilliant performance. A great deal of manufacturers from the electrical forklift truck segment only use Vulkollan®-coated wheels.

Excellent Vulkollan® characteristics

Vulkollan® is the oldest, best and high-performance polyurethane elastomer ever known. Vulkollan® is made of polyester, diisocyanate (Desmodur® 15) and special chain extenders. Raw materials used in this process are selected with utmost care and subjected to severe quality inspections to guarantee the highest quality possible.

- Excellent resistance to mechanical wear and tear
- High impact dampening capability
- High tearing resistance
- Low compression set
- Resistance to grease, oil and various solutions
- Resistance to ozone, UV and other energetic beams

The polyurethane elastomer is an organic material composed of high molecules and various urethane groups. Vulkollan® is manufactured with modern technology. Depending on the desired product characteristics, a rich formula option can optionally be selected. Products in our catalogue are made of V27 type Vulkollan® with 92 shA hardness. Where high load bearing capacities are demanded, V30 and V40 are recommended with 94-96 shA hardness.


• Compared to its rubber equivalents, Vulkollan® wheels offer a higher load bearing capacity and more cost-effectiveness.
• Operating temperatures range from -40°C/+80°C and sometimes up to +110°C.
• Resistance to hydrocarbons, greases and solvents.
• Quite silent during operation.
• Resistance to friction.
• Longer active lifespan on smooth surface.
• Resistance to tear.
• Resistance to acids, amines and phenols.
• Its natural colour is yellow, however it is easily effected by daylight and gets darker without any loss in functionality.
• Resistant to ozone.
• This material is particularly recommended for electrical forklifts, heavy-duty machines and friction components.
• Wheels up to a weight of 60 kg can be manufactured of Vulkollan®.
• For special orders beyond our product range, we also offer customized designs.
• The load-bearing capacity ranges from 32 kg/cm2 to 70 kg/cm2.


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